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Effect pack 7


 Watch a Quicktime video for Effect pack 7 (2,3 MB).

Effect  Description  Preview 
Bouncer 2  The scene can be rotated into or out of the screen coming from a corner. Hereby the scene swings up and down several times.    
Blur  The edges of the objects in the scene can be blurred. You can select in which direction the blur effect should start.   
Dye  The scene will be dyed with the selected color. The duration of dye-works can be adjusted.   
Film 2  The scene can look like a scene of an old film. Different ages and qualities can be simulated. The scene will always have a grey or brown color.   
Glow  With this effect you can get light (white) scenes to glow by blooming it.   
Hotspot  The scene will be darkened up to a selectable position which highlights the content of the scene in a radius through normal color.   
Rotate  The scene can be rotated around its midpoint and reduces its size.
Or the second scene fades in, rotating out of the centre of the screen getting bigger.  
Underwater  The scene can look like recorded under water or rather looked at it through a surface of water.   

Software requirements:
Avio / Kron: System-Software 1.8

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