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Effect pack 5

Effect  Description  Preview 
Blinds  The second scene will be faded into the first scene through a selectable number of stripes. Hereby you get the impression of blinds being pulled
Bump  The second scene will be layed over the first scene as a transparent bump.   
Diag  The second scene fades in diagonally over the first scene. You can adjust the smoothness of the transition area.   
Fog  The scene will be covered with fog. The density of the fog can be set in percent.   
Ripples  Imagine to see the scene on a surface of water and throw a stone into a corner of the scene. The ripples create a new picture. In this way pictures are dissolved.   
Shockzoom  The first scene will shortly be zoomed in and then shrinked to the center of the screen and will then be faded out. Or the second scene fades in from the center of the screen until it is shown magnified and then will get its real size.   
Split Screen2  The second scene will be pushed to an adjustable splitting point over the first scene, remains there and divides the scene. After a pause the scene moves over the rest of the first scene.   
Streaks  The first scene can be faded out from the left to the right or from the right to the left. Behind the first scene the second scene appears. The edge is frayed and can be adjusted in its smoothness.   
Sunbeams  Beams coming from the middle of the scene fade in the next scene.   

Software requirements:
Avio / Kron: System-Software 1.8

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