Match Exact Phrase    
Effect pack 4

Effect  Description  Preview 
Paint  The first scene is covered by a paint made up of the second scene.    
Smoke  The second scene emerges from a "smoke" that covers the first scene.    
Rain  The first scene is washed away by raindrops that contain portions of the next scene.    
Fall Down  The scene falls and "dangles" from a corner before dropping off the screen completely.    
Whirl  The first scene splits into four sections that rotate out and reveal the second scene. The effect can also be reversed so that sections of the second scene come together and cover the first.    
Across  The first scene shrinks toward one corner while the second expands from the other.    
PowerOff  Simulates an old television turning off. The scene shrinks down to a small dot and then disappears from the screen.    
StripIn  The second scene appears in a series of small strips that eventually replace the first scene.    
Earthquake  Makes your scene appear as if it's shaking. You can determine the parameters of the 'quake.    
Pixels  The first scene is replaced by a series of pixels that reveal the second scene.    

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