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CBPaint is a software created with professional productions in mind, offering a wealth of functionality for graphics, video effects and design. The software requires a VGA monitor, a Casablanca Prestige, Kron or Solitaire and last but not least, a portion of creativity!

Created by the renowned french programming team TV-Paint, in cooperation with MacroSystem, the package contains a sheer unlimited amount of tools for creating your own graphics, backgrounds, timeline-based animations and effects. The software interfaces directly with the standard Casablanca SMART EDIT editing software, making for an import and export facility for pictures and video sequences. The package contains a high-quality Wacom graphics tablet, countless drawing functions, filters, style and color tools, a timeline for creating your own sequences, as well as a logically structured user-interface, comprising to an absolutely professional utility.

4-Point Pixel Tracking

Use the "Bevel" effect to enhance your titles.

Easily create simple or complex animations.

CBPaint offers natural-media drawing tools like airbrushes, penbrushes, pencils,... that can be combined with video-effects like light, keying, special-fx, motion-tracking, picture in picture, ....

CBPaint is designed for artists who want to experience a whole new world of 2D animations and visual effects.  CBPaint combines tools like video-paint, auto-paint, stop-motion, volumetric light, keying, image/color corrections, pixel-tracking, transitions, ...

Become an artist with the Wacom Graphictablet.

Due to the complexity, CBPaint's user interface differs considerably from the normal Casablanca menu structure. In-depth studying of the manual is therefore highly recommended.


Color Picker, Drawing Tools, Custom Brushes.

Chroma Keyer.


Record a Path or work with paper textures

Working with Video-Layers.


Pixel Tracker, FX Stack for Volumetric Light Effects

The most important features of CBPaint:

Real-Time Video Paint The paint system that is pixel accurate includes features like animated brushes, multiple drawing and paint tools, filling, video tools and advanced text tools.
Animation System The animation interface is layer-based. It includes powerful keyframing and motion path tools. The CBPaint artist can use an unlimited number of video layers.
Layer Manipulation

All layers work like independant layers of glass. You can paint on top or behind a layer. The layer structure can be modified. A layers can "influence" another layer by using powerful keying effects or tools like four-point pixel tracking or two-point image stabilization.

Color Correction  Multiple color- and image correction tools.

Select from a huge number of video-effects like light, volumetric light, plasma effects, perlin noise, mirror, cloning, mosaic, negative, noise, sharpen, warp-effects, to create stunning visual effects.

Please also visit the CBPaint forum (hosted by MacroSystem US, registration required).

Watch a Quicktime video for CBPaint (8,4 MB).

CBPaint image gallery:

3D-Cube effect (KeyFramer+AnimBrushes)

Painting and drawing

animated PIP collage

Animation / Clip

multiple animated independant objects

multiple light sources

Painting and drawing

Cartoon animation

Cartoon animation

cut out objects



animated drawing

volumetric light + pixel tracking

animated objects

animated opening title

animated weather map + keying

4-point pixel tracking

animated DVD-menu background

control colour

Keying + Gloweffect

Bevel Effect


Color Range


Radial Blur


Ceter Blur


Volumetric Light

Add Spots

Illuminated Title-Effects

Var. Special FX

4-Point Pixel Tracking

4-Point Pixel Tracking

Animated 3D-PIP

Animated Multi-PIP

Animated PIP-Sequence


Perspective PIPs

Animated Drawing

Painting and Drawing

Volumetric Light

Cartoon Sequence

Animated Logo + Light

Background-, Logo- and PIP-Animation

Auto Paint

triple PIP-Animation

Painting and Drawing

Painting and Drawing

Painting and Drawing

The screenshots shown on this page are created using a beta-version of CBPaint. Some details may slightly differ from the release version.

A printed manual is available for this product.

(This product is not available for Casablanca Avio and Claro.)

(This program can't be used in VGA-one monitor mode.)

System requirements:
256 MB RAM
VGA3 mode


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