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BorderX 2 / BorderX 2 HDV


BorderX 2 is the successor of the successful BorderX graphics collection. BorderX 2 contains 100 new graphics and the required Image Processing effect.

The graphics are mostly designed with a border, leaving the centre blank for a video scene. The included operator places the frame/border around the image and either leaves the actual video scene shine through or scales it down to the fitting size.

BorderX 2 is available as a 4:3 PAL/NTSC version and as a high-resolution HDV version in 16:9. The HDV graphics can also be used for PAL projects, making this version suitable for users already filming in 16:9 with their camcorders.







The graphics become part of the ImagePool and can therefore be use in other programs too.

The graphics were designed by "GOGrafiX".

Comprehensive online help provided in the installation menu informs you about the various settings options available for this effect. You can also install this product as a free demo version.

Software requirements:

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