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MacroSystem US Hires Philip Bice as Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Seasoned Sales Executive to lead North and South American Sales and Marketing

Boulder, CO, Feb 19, 2010 - MacroSystem US (www.macrosystem.us), distributor of the world's premier video editing appliance, announces the hire of Philip Bice to the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing on January 1st 2010, helping to ensure MacroSystem's profitable growth in North and South America. Bice will have responsibility for all pro-active customer facing activities including marketing initiatives, sales efforts, and supporting the dealer network.

Before joining MacroSystem US, Bice led sales and marketing efforts at several software manufactures helping to define a tiered customer-centric sales and marketing process, bringing product development more inline with customer needs, establishing collaborative marketing efforts with partners, and enhancing the customer experience.

Philip Bice, MacroSystem US's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said, "MacroSystem US clearly makes a product that is far superior to it competitors in many ways. I'm excited to be a part of this incredible team and looking forward to continuing our superior customer service, delivering relevant product to our customers, and supporting our dealers with a program unmatched in the industry."


About MacroSystem US

Founded in 1996, MacroSystem US (www.macrosystem.us) distributes MacroSystem video editing products to North and South America. MacroSystem US's superior customer support, passionate dealer network, and co-op marketing programs have helped to create one of the loyal and passionate user bases seen in the AV industry today. It's dedicated editing appliance facilitate a workflow designed around efficiency and speed, and in many instances allow users to produce product 2-3 times faster than the competition - translating to more profit and revenue for the Videographer or Production Company.


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