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Audio Effect Pack

The Audio Effect Pack contains a range of more than 25 effects for the Casablanca video editor.

The effects can roughly be split into two categories:
  • One the one hand, there are effects specifically for audio editing. This includes dehummer, volume maximiser, a noise gate and many more.
  • On the other hand, there are "real" effects for creative sound design such as Chorus, Delay, Vibrato and Reverb.
With SMART EDIT 4, all audio effects can be pre-heard in real-time as a loop. Changing the parameters directly alter the result you hear.

Since SMART EDIT 3, audio effects can also be applied directly to samples already in the storyboard. This way, you can match filters and effects to the scenes or sound samples.

Comprehensive online help provided in the installation menu and when selecting the effect informs you about the various settings options available for each effect.

  • The Audio Effects Pack 1.1a contains modifications for NTSC systems.

Software requirements:

Effect  MP3 
Original sample  
Pitch Shift  
Tone Control  

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