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ArtBaX is a collection of graphics containing 100 motifes specifically designed for DVD menu creation using DVD Arabesk. On offer is a wide selection of motifes from the areas of technology, nature, textures, etc.
These artistically edited pictures can be used in a broad range of other uses like titles. Many contain a highlighted area which can be used to best position pictures and text. Just like SplitX, you can access the graphics from other Casablanca software components like Akaba, Caladan, PIP-studio, or Motion 3D.

ArtBaX imagepool / ArtBaX image used for Caladan background

Easily create your DVD-backgrounds with ArtBaX images.

Use ArtBaX images for PIP-studio backgrounds or to add graphics boxes in the titler menu.

Standard picture-in-picture effect in front of an ArtBaX background / Motion 3D background

The graphics were designed by "GOGrafiX".

Software requirements:
SMART EDIT 2.5/3.0

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