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DVD-Arabesk 3

The main new feature is the long awaited chapter menu support.
In the "Add Film" window, you can now click on a new button "Design Chapter Menu". A click on it allows you to choose icons just like when adding projects (films). Of course, the first frame of each chapter is default, but you may choose a different image. You can also select a background image (either a predefined image from the Image Pool or a frame from your project) and you can change the chapter names. The system generates multiple chapter menu pages in case you have too many for just one page. You can switch through the pages (previous/next page buttons).


Additionally, you can define if the DVD will directly play the whole film when the user clicks on the icon or if the chapter menu page opens instead. If the user presses the chapter menu button on his remote, he can directly see the chapter menu. A much needed feature that is easy to use and has not spoiled the easy interface of Arabesk.


Arabesk 3 works on any DVD equipped Casablanca model.

Additional update info (changes between v2 and v3):
  • Chapter menus possible.
  • DVD-RWs are checked for content and can be deleted before burning.
  • Better control of menus with remote of DVD player (up/down, left/right) possible.
  • Front display on Solitaire supported.

DVD-Arabesk 3 replaces DVD-Arabesk 2.

Software requirements:
SMART EDIT 3.1, 4.x
256 MB RAM

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