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AnimX - Bogart Only

Picture it: A rotating globe as an intro to your video, animated rings for the perfect wedding film, moving background panels to highlight your titles -- all this and much more is possible with AnimX, the new animation collection.

Animated globe...

AnimX contains a large number of quality animated objects and background panels, variable in size and position and suitable for any footage.

The collection has put emphasis on a wide range of applications. There are different globes, rings, candles, cog wheels, hearts and much more included. The varying background panels have different animations, with brightness effects, moving lines and are most suitable for displaying text/titles. All images are stored in the Casablanca Image Pool and can further be edited. For example: An object can easily be re-coloured to make it more fitting to your background footage. AnimX is compatible with both SD and HD projects and supports aspect ratios 4:3 and 16:9.

Animated clock / animated lower thirds.





Download a short democlip for AnimX (10 MB, Quicktime format)


AnimX is compatible with all Casablanca models running the Bogart SE editing software.

The graphics were designed by "GOGrafiX".

Software requirements:
Bogart SE 2


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