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Akaba - New Concept/Akaba HD

A program for manually editing individual frames or whole video scenes. "Akaba - New Concept" is a totally new program optimized for video editing. It provides a whole variety of options for retouching and editing individual frames or enhancing them using your own graphics.
Three modes of operation make it easy to use:
  • "Retouch" mode allows you to select and manually edit every single frame in a scene. The supplied tools can be used to easily disguise small dropouts or other unwanted elements. Special copy brushes are provided alongside the standard drawing tools.
  • An image correction mode lets you correct such things as brightness, contrast, color and RGB. What is more, the corrections do not necessarily need to be applied to the whole frame - instead you can choose to apply them only to defined areas of the image and even with varying intensity. If, for instance, your recording is too dark in the lower part of the picture but the sky is well lit, you can correct the problem easily using the mask function included in "Akaba – New Concept".


  • The “Drawmode” provides all the standard options for creating drawings. You can draw lines, circles, polygons and other shapes using a wide variety of tools and customizable settings.  You can create graphics or unusual titles. If you like, you can then make your graphics move across the scene – similar to the feature provided by the "PIP-Studio" software. Drawing mode provides many different types of pencils and brushes that can be customized to suit your needs.
In this example, we cut the fish out of a video image and then defined it as a brush so that we can make a scaled down mirror image of it and insert it again.  

As you may already be familiar with from PIP Studio, you can make objects move along predefined paths as well as along paths that you have defined yourself. You can set the object's size and alpha value for every waypoint and therefore make the object do such things as fade in gently.

A printed manual is available for this product.

(This program can't be used in VGA-one monitor mode.)

Software requirements:
SmartEdit 2.3
Bogart 3.6c (SD only, HD renders as "demo") (No dual monitor support)

Akaba HD - Bogart Only

This software upgrade now works with HD material and also supports dual monitors.

Software requirements:
Bogart 3.6c



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