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PiP- Studio 3 for Bogart Windows and Linux!

We are pleased to announce PiP - Studio 3 for Bogart Linux Standalones and Bogart for Windows.

This brand-new program was designed from the ground up using wish lists from Casablanca Cultists.

Everything anybody wanted is in here, and it is much easier to show you video instead of writing about it:



            PiP Studio 3 is available now on both the Bogart for Windows and Bogart for Linux platforms. Watch the above videos to learn PiP 3 Studios features and capabilities. If this is what you are looking for, then try the PiP 3 Studio full program for free before buying. If you like it, you can purchase the program license number from your Dealer, or one of our Value Added Resellers for $159. After charging your card they will give you the 12-digit license number, which makes the Bogart Logo  on the outputted video disappear.

              PIP Studio 3 for Windows requires the newest Bogart Window versions 10.1a / 9.3a / 8.8a / 7.11a / 6.13a,  or higher.  If you ever want to upgrade to Bogart 10 just call your dealer and buy a 12 digit license, and activate it.                                      

Click here to download the latest Bogart versions in 1 small file. 

            Then double left click the file and follow the prompts to install the latest versions of Bogart. This should take about 3 minutes to install. When you launch Bogart go to the Install Product Menu and select the version of Bogart you have a license for: it will be either B6, B7, B8, B9, or B10. The computer should remember your license number. If it doesn't, get a current codesheet from your Dealer. 

Then download PIP Studio 3 v1.0a by clicking  here. 

             Then double left click the file and follow the prompts to install. When done open Bogart for Windows and go to the Install Product Menu. Scroll down to PIP Studio 3 and click on activate. If you have no license, just click OK and it will work in Demo Mode, if you have a 12-digit license number enter it before clicking OK.

Click here for more details about the install and Bogart Beta Team testing notes. 

Click here for additional notes on the latest "a" version of all the Bogart Windows versions.

Click here for the Bogart 9 Manual and Bogart 10 Addendum.

Casablanca Expert Members can watch Chet's excellent PiP 3 Studio Class by clicking here!


PiP 3 Studio for the S-series requires a free update on Bogart!

All versions of Bogart 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 need updating.

It is best to buy the MacroSystem Disc Set, as it is only $20 delivered USPS Priority; and the Mfg of Discs is technical.

Click here for a list of Dealers, who can take your order for Discs or Software!

Or download them here, but it requires a fast Internet, some DVD Disc burning software, and some luck!


If you own PiP Studio 2 on your Casablanca 3, PIP 3 Studio is Only $99! If not, PiP 3 Studio is $159.

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