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The most popular Casablanca 4 Saphir has been supercharged with all kinds of newer faster hardware, software, a new case, and even 2 full size DVD/BluRay Burners!

Meet the New Saphir 2


The Casablanca 4 Saphir 2 sets a new benchmark in the field of video production thanks to its combination of high creative potential, familiar features, and innovative design. In the best tradition of the MacroSystem systems, the Saphir 2 has an attractive horizontal form factor, is lightning fast, and fits right on your desktop.

Here are the top features, advantages, and benefits of the Casablanca 4 Saphir 2:

  • Stylish housing in brushed aluminum
  • Fast Intel i7-7700 Kaby Lake processor and 32GB DDR4 RAM
  • Powerful onboard Intel graphics
  • Two full size DVD/Blu-ray burners as standard
  • 240GB SSD for fast system operation, and program startup
  • Huge 6TB hard drive with almost inexhaustible capacity for video and audio data
  • 6-pin FireWire socket and external multi-card reader
  • Video display in 4K and Blu-ray quality on HDMI output or display port
  • Ideal for DV, HD and Ultra HD material (for $149 add optional VHS and S-VHS USB Capture HW & SW)
  • Smart Booster technology for extreme acceleration when exporting video files and the creation of Blu-ray files
  • Software included: Bogart SE 11 for Windows, Gold Edition, Arabesk 7, Disk Juggler, Fonts Packs 1 to 4, HD Backup Sentry, PowerKey, Bogart Win Pro acceleration, and Windows 10 Pro!
  • For a limited time, pick any 2 add-ons software titles for free!
  • Only $4499, and the following trade-ins are accepted with the following values:
  • Karat = $400, S-6000 or Topaz = $200, S-2000 or S-3000 or S-4100 = $100, S-4000 or S-4000 Pro = $50


Here are the highlights of the new Bogart 11 Gold, Arabesk 7,

Bogart WinPRO, and Time-X:

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